75000 Mile Service

Regularly scheduled maintenance has a positive influence on vehicle performance, safety, and dependability. Lakeland Toyota has developed a preferred maintenace schedule specifically designed with consideration given to our local climate and driving conditions. Factory suggestions are taken into account along with repair experience in the local area.

It is important to remember to keep an accurate maintenance record of your vehicle for your convenience. Accurate service documentation will increase the resale and trade-in values of your car.

If your vehicle has reached 75,000 miles, you may schedule the 75000 regular maintenance service online using our designated service page. We at Lakeland Toyota would like to make it easy to schedule service when your vehicle is due for regular maintenance.

Maintenance Schedule at 75000 miles

Factory Recommended Services at 75000 miles

  • Change engine oil and filter (up to 4 qts.)
  • Rotate tires, inspect wear and adjust pressure
  • Clean cabin air filter
  • Visually inspect brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs
  • Reset maintenance reminder light, if applicable
  • Multi-point vehicle inspection
  • Inspect the following:
  • ___ All vital fluids, top off if needed
  • ___ Ball joints and dust covers
  • ___ Brake lines and hoses
  • ___ Drive belts
  • ___ Drive shaft boots
  • ___ Engine air filter
  • ___ Engine coolant
  • ___ Exhaust pipes and mountings
  • ___ Nuts and bolts on chassis and body
  • ___ Radiator, condenser and/or intercooler
  • ___ Steering gear box
  • ___ Steering linkage and boots

Additional Recommended Services at 75000 miles

  • Oil Additive
  • Upgrade to Synthetic Oil Change
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Fuel Induction Service
  • Brake System Fluid Exchange
  • Power Steering Fluid Exchange
  • Coolant Additive
  • Cooling System Fluid Exchange (Standard)
  • Cooling System Fluid Exchange (Long Life)
  • Battery Cleaning Service
  • A/C Refresh
  • Transmission Additive
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange (Standard)
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange (Type-T4)
  • Transfer Case Service
  • 4 Wheel Alignment
  • 4 Wheel Balance
  • Replace Wiper Inserts

The Service Department at Lakeland Toyota is ready and able to assist you with your vehicle's 75,000 mile regular service maintenance. Our Service Department offers convenient online scheduling, and our trained Toyota mechanics are friendly, competent and ready to assist you. See our Service Department page for more useful information.